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John Kraus is a spaceflight photographer and Space Coast native. Growing up watching space shuttle and rocket launches from home, Kraus gained a new appreciation for spaceflight in early 2015 when he first picked up a camera during his freshman year of high school. As launch photography turned from a passive interest in documenting unique local events to an obsession in sharing the wonders of spaceflight, Kraus became a credentialed photojournalist under space media outlet AmericaSpace in 2016, granting him up-close access to create stunning imagery at Cape Canaveral’s launch facilities. In the time since, Kraus has continued working as a freelance photographer, having been published and featured by Bloomberg Businessweek, Aviation Week, United Launch Alliance, SpaceX’s Elon Musk, CNBC, National Geographic, and more.

Graduating high school in 2018, Kraus is now working full-time as a professional spaceflight photographer, having covered upwards of 75 rocket launches in the past four years.View his portfolio and get in touch at www.johnkrausphotos.com.