The Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS) is a voluntary association of fifteen member societies to which approximately 3500 professional engineers and scientists belong. One of its prime purposes is to provide a means for joint coordination of major projects which benefit the entire technical community, particularly in the Canaveral area. The 1962 Fall Conference, together with the publication of these Proceedings, is an example of such a project.

The objective of this Conference was to stimulate serious thought and definitive planning on the part of government, the technical community, business and the general public by pointing out the challenges created by the Space Age in various key areas. Although specifically oriented toward the State of Florida, the conference also emphasized the timely and intelligent planning required throughout the nation.

Participation, though somewhat curtailed by the Cuban crisis, was excellent; and the credit is due both to the attendees and to those who prepared and presented the superb program. We are very appreciative of the outstanding work that our Conference Chairman, Jack Wiles, and his connnittee members accomplished and the wonderful assistance provided by the Daytona Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the other supporting organizations.

The Council attendees at the Fall Conference were attending on their own time and at their own expense during this weekend--Friday evening through Sunday (26 to 28 October). I believe that this (plus all of the efforts expended on their own time during the year prior to and on behalf of the Conference) illustrates the willingness of the Council membership to face up to the challenge set forth by one of the speakers, Dr. James B. Edson, in his statement, "The future of America depends upon what Americans do with their Saturday mornings."

Program schedule

Friday, October 26
Get Acquainted Party
Saturday, October 27
Florida and the Nation's Space Program
Sunday, October 28
Concluding Acknowledgements