The First Space Congress has been a joint endeavor of nineteen professional societies and two colleges which comprise the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies. Starting in 1959 with the goal of better communications among the many technical societies, the Council has grown to become a leader in our community. The Proceedings of this First Space Congress represent our most significant undertaking to date. It confirms the Councils' original thinking that many diverse technical professions with common interests and objectives can effectively coordinate activities to the benefit of all. It is hoped that our example will be followed in other parts of the country for the further benefit of other technical societies and the many organizations which support their activities.

The specific purpose of the First Space Congress has been to explore our theme, "Where Are We Going In Space?" The papers contained herein give many answers to this question from different professional points of view. Collectively, they emphasize the progress being made in present programs and technologies and look forward to the complexities of the continuing challenge that we face. We have been very fortunate in obtaining such a diversity of exceptionally qualified authors. We are indeed grateful to them, and also for the sincere interest shown by our distinguished principal speakers.

The Canaveral Council of Technical Societies is justly proud to publish these Proceedings of our First Space Congress, and sincerely hopes that they will be of continuing benefit to future readers. The Council intends this to be only the first of an annual space congress to be held here in the heart of the free world's space activities.

Program schedule

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Session 1B
Session 2A
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Session 2C
Session 2D
Session 3A
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