THE CANAVERAL COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL SOCIETIES has been pleased to sponsor the Second Space Congress. Beginning with the formation of the Council in 1959, significant accomplishments have been made in improving communications throughout the technical disciplines of the aerospace profession. Eighteen professional societies and two colleges comprise the current active membership of the Council. The First Space Congress added substance to the Council's goal of improved communications on a national basis.

The specific purpose of the Second Space Congress has been to explore our theme, "New Dimensions in Space Technology." These Proceedings provide the latest data and professional understanding of subjects related to the theme. Collectively, they emphasize technical progress and identify the challenges which we, the free world's aerospace population, must meet. We were extremely fortunate in obtaining such a wide cross-section of exceptionally qualified authors. We are indeed grateful to them, and also for the sincere interest shown by our distinguished principal speakers.

The Canaveral Council of Technical Societies is justly proud to publish these Proceedings of our Second Space Congress, and sincerely hope that they will be of benefit to future readers.

Program schedule

Session 1 - Quality-Value-Reliability
Session 2 - Space Communications
Session 3 - Management
Session 4 - Space Power
Session 5 - Life Support Sciences and Bio-Atronautics
Session 6 - Advanced Range Instrumentation and Techniques
Session 7 - Propulsion
Session 8 - Missions and Programs
Session 9 - Navigation and Control
Session 10 - Re-Entry
Session 11 - Ground Support and Launch
Session 12 - Paper Received Late