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Monday, April 3rd

Panel Session Content

Canaveral Council of Technical Societies

Cocoa Beach, Florida

NERVA Development Status

C. M. Rice, NERVA Program Manager, Aerojet-General Corporation
W. H. Esselman, Deputy Project Manager, NERVA Project, Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory

Cocoa Beach, Florida

An Undersea Radioisotope Power Supply

H. C. Carney, Aerojet-General Corporation

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Safety Program at the Nuclear Rocket Development Station

Percy Griffiths, Space Nuclear Propulsion Office
Peter B. Erickson, Space Nuclear Propulsion Office
George L. Parmenter, Space Nuclear Propulsion Office
John M. Wright, Space Nuclear Propulsion Office

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Ground Testing of High Chamber-Pressure Propulsion Systems

A. W. Langill, Engineering Supervisor, Aerojet-General Corporation

Cocoa Beach, Florida