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Monday, April 1st
8:00 AM

A Venus Lander Probe for Manned Fly-By Missions

P. L. Chandeysson, Bellcomm

8:00 AM

Application of Alternative Nuclear Rocket Propdlants for Planetary Exploration

W. L. Dowdy, North American Rockwel

8:00 AM

Does Life Exist Elsewhere in the Universe

M. Ensanian, Textron's Bell Aerosystems

8:00 AM

Elliptic Capture Orbits for Missions to the Near Planets

F. G. Casal, Moffett
B. L. Swenson, Moffett
A. C. Mascy, Moffett

8:00 AM

The Modification of a Mariner Mars Spacecraft Power System for a Venus Mission, and Adaptation of These Techniques for Future Missions

A. B. Kruy, JPL

8:00 AM