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Monday, April 1st
8:00 AM

A Method of Predicting the Gas Properties Surrounding Aerospace Vehicles in Hypersonic Flight

Alien J. Schwalb, Systems Engineering Division, Martin Marietta Corporation

8:00 AM

A Scale Model Investigation of Rocket Exhaust Effects on an Improved Saturn V Booster Utilizing Solid Propellant Strap-Ons

K. C. Hendershot, Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc.
J. Llinas, Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc.
Homer B. Wilson, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center

8:00 AM

Conjugate - Point Studies and Plasma Observations at Six Earth-Radii-Integrated Experiments for a Geostationary Satellite

Joseph H. Pope, Research Laboratories, Environmental Science Services Administration

8:00 AM

Measurement of Space Environmental Effects on Biological Specimens

T. H. Harmount, Ames Research Center

8:00 AM

Voyager RADVS-Exhaust Plume Interference

J. F. Cashen, Hughes Aircraft Company, Space Systems Division
J. G. Seubold, Hughes Aircraft Company, Space Systems Division
R. R. Gold, Hughes Aircraft Company, Space Systems Division

8:00 AM