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Monday, April 1st
8:00 AM

Anticipated Problems of Re-Eentry Vehicle Telemetry at UHF

Fred H. Numrich, General Electric Company, Re-entry Systems Department

8:00 AM

Communication Channel Model of the Atmosphere for Optical Frequencies

Eli Brookner, Information Theory Section
Raytheon Company, Space and Information Systems Division

8:00 AM

Digital Filtering in Space Communication

Arnfinn M. Manders, Associate Professor University of Florida - GENESYS

8:00 AM

Space - Satellite Communication in the 70's

Alan A. Paris

8:00 AM

Synchronous Communication Relay Satellites for Manned Space Flight in Earth Orbit

Meredith Hamilton, Manned Spacecraft Center
Robert A. Hunting, Motorola, Inc., Government Electronics Division

8:00 AM

The Utility of Coded Multilevel Communications Systems

R. F. Filipowsky, International Business Machines Corporation

8:00 AM