The theme for the Sixth Space Congress, "Space, Technology , and Society," emphasizes the close relationships among space programs, scientific disciplines, and people. Our Nation's space program is rapidly approaching the time when it will benefit all people. The day for man to explore a new world by walking on the surface of the moon is just around the corner. Communications and weather satellite services already play an expanding role in our daily lives, yet they are merely forerunners of all-encompassing advancements yet to be realized. What will we learn from space, how can this tremendous undertaking be managed, and finally, how can we best use this new knowledge to benefit humanity? The Sixth Space Congress addresses these questions by examining space age contributions to mankind and the perplexing technical problems which must be solved to make such contributions possible. We believe that these proceedings will provide a valuable reference for scientists and engineers working in our space program, and will inform the general public of contributions to society's needs. The authors and panel members are prominent scientists, engineers, and managers with deep insight into advanced space technology application. On behalf of The Canaveral Council of Technical Societies, I wish to express our appreciation to these participants.

Program schedule

Session 1 - Advanced Technology Applications I
Session 2 - Power Systems
Session 3 - Education
Session 4 - Reliability
Session 5 - Remote Sensing of Earth Resources
Session 6 - Management
Session 7 - Communications
Session 8 - Ground Support Systems
Session 9 - Oceanography
Session 10 - Control Systems
Session 11 - Satellite Applications
Session 12 - Information Systems
Session 13 - Panel Session -The Application of Space Age Technology to Society's Needs
Session 14 - Panel Session -Manned and Unmanned Space Exploration
Session 15 - Advanced Technology Applications II
Session 16 - Meteorology
Session 17 - Transportation
Session 18 - Spin-Offs From Space