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Tuesday, April 1st
8:00 AM

Learning Control Systems -Review and Outlook

King-sun Fu, Purdue University

8:00 AM

On Separate Computation of Arcs for Optimal Control Problems with State Variable Inequality Constraints

Antti J. Koivo, Purdue University
W. E. Hamilton, Purdue University

8:00 AM

Sensitivity and Optimization Theory for Launch Vehicle Attitude Control System Synthesis

William A. Walter, University of Florida - GENE SYS
Fred O. Simions, University of Florida - GENE SYS

8:00 AM

The Impact of Biosciences Requirements on Biosatellite Attitude Control

J. D. Carpenter, GE-RS, Pa.
E. T. Thomas, GE-RS, Pa.
J. C. Van Ess, NASA/ARC, Calif.

8:00 AM