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Tuesday, April 1st
8:00 AM

A Review of the Image Dissector Meteorological Cameras and a View of Their Future

Edward W. Koeing, ITT AOD
Gilbert A. Branchflower, NASA, GSFC

8:00 AM

Electrical Structure of the Stratosphere and Mesophere

Willis L. Webb, U.S. Army Electronics Command

8:00 AM

Frequency and Duration of Thunderstorms in the Cape Kennedy Area

Charles J. Neumann, ESSA

8:00 AM

Meteorological Support to the Air Force Eastern Test Range

Howard D. Turner, USAF, Patrick AFB
Walter J. Czagas, USAF, Patrick AFB
O. H. Daniel, PAA

8:00 AM

The Advanced Meteorological Sounding System

Kenneth Wood, Motorola Inc.

8:00 AM