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Tuesday, April 1st
8:00 AM

Correlation Between Solar Microwave Radiation and Atmospheric Transmission in the Optical Region

R. K. Jon, Florida Institute of Technology
A. W. Revay, Florida Institute of Technology
H. P. Weber, Florida Institute of Technology

8:00 AM

Data Compression Using Orthogonal Functions

J. A. Lebo, North American Rockwell Corp., Autonetics Div.

8:00 AM

GENCOM -A Generalized Communication Model Concept

W. V. Neisius, TRW Systems

8:00 AM

Optimum Pre-Emphasis for Frequency Modulation Applications

Karl W. Merz, The Boeing Company

8:00 AM

Satellite Communications to Mobile Terminals -A Forecast of Needs and Techniques

Quintus C. Wilson, Acton Laboratories, Inc.

8:00 AM