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Tuesday, April 1st
8:00 AM

EDUSAT - An Educational Television Satellite System for the United States

Emil Steinhardt, West Virginia University

8:00 AM

Evaluation of Instructional Monographs in University and Industrial Use

Kenneth A. McCollom, Oklahoma State University

8:00 AM

Graduate Education in Florida in 1980

L. E. Grinter, University of Florida

8:00 AM

Innovation and Creativity in Aviation and Space Education

J. A. Lauderbaugh, Aerospace Technical Institute

8:00 AM

The Influence of Space Exploration on Science Education

James V. Bernardo, Educational Programs, NASA

8:00 AM

The Role of Technical Societies in Education

E. K. Latvala, University of Tennessee
R. L. Young, University of Tennessee

8:00 AM

The Use of Technology in Revolutionizing Academia

Paul D. Arthur, University of California, Irvine

8:00 AM