The Sixties was the decade of change. We witnessed man's first step into outer space and onto another celestial body. This technological achievement, combined with an increased awareness of mankind's great needs on our planet, will make the Seventies the decade of challenge.

Conferences such as the Seventh Space Congress serve to bring together renowned scientists, engineers, educators, and members of government for the purpose of exchanging ideas on how to continue progress, expand man's knowledge, and improve his well-being. The chief benefits of the Congress, most assuredly, are the exchange of ideas and the updating of each attendant. The major objective of the General Committee has been to present outstanding speakers, panelists, and authors discussing space and its benefits, the economic and environmental needs of society, the frontiers of both inner and outer space, and the technological summits to be scaled during the immediate future.

These proceedings contain some of the knowledge and experience of the distinguished participants of the Seventh Space Congress and have been assembled for your study and future reference. On behalf of the General Committee, I want to express my sincere appreciation to each author and to everyone who participated in the Seventh Space Congress.

Program schedule

Session 1 - Future Mechanical Space Vehicle Systems
Session 2 - Earth Resources Satellites Application
Session 3 - Advanced Techniques In Education
Session 4 - Engineering Applications In Medicine
Session 5 - Future Electronic/Electrical Space Vehicle Systems
Session 6 - Oceanographic Projects
Session 7 - Manufacturing Processes In Space
Session 8 - Developments In Astronomy
Session 9 - Viewpoints On Systems Engineering
Session 10 - Land Transportation Systems
Session 11 - Meteorological Projects
Session 12 - Future Applications of Electronics