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Wednesday, April 1st
8:00 AM

A New Multiple Access Technique For Use With Satellite Networks

Elmer Thomas, Assistant Director, Communications Systems Research Department, Page Communications Engineers, Inc. A Subsidiary of Northrop Corporation Washington, D. C.

8:00 AM

Broadcast Opportunities With Satellites And CAW, And Their Control In The Public Interest

John L. Hult, Associate Head, Engineering Sciences Department, The Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, California

8:00 AM

Case Study in Digital Simulation

B. L. Capehart, Assistant Professor, ISE, University of Florida, GENESYS, Orlando, Florida
R. M. Strong, Chief, Systems and Programming, Martin Marietta Corporation, Orlando, Florida

8:00 AM

Image Enhancement Techniques

Donald B. Gennery, Senior Systems Analyst, RCA MTP, Patrick AFB, Florida

8:00 AM

Interactive Computer Graphics - An Advanced Computer Technology

George V. Yuscavage, Research Engineer, The Boeing Company, Southeast Division

8:00 AM

Interactive Computer Graphics Applied to Continuous Systems Simulation

Bernard J. Schroer, Research Engineer, Aerospace Group Teleservices, The Boeing Company

8:00 AM