The theme chosen for last year f s Seventh Space Congress was "Technology, Today and Tomorrow." This title so accurately describes the scope of each Space Congress that it has been chosen as a continuing theme by the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies. It is the intent of each Space Congress to disseminate through panel sessions, technical papers, and speakers the latest happenings in our technical world. In this manner we can update the scientists, engineers, and educators in the Cape Kennedy area, as well as our Space Congress guests, on the outlooks and accomplishments in every aspect of space. The Eighth Space Congress Technical Papers Committee has assembled an excellent program of papers in a variety of timely categories, Their efforts are documented in these proceedings so that you may more fully understand and digest the authors 1 subjects. This compilation of papers should prove a valuable asset to your technical library. I would like to thank the Technical Papers Committee, the Session Chairmen, Session Organizers and, above all, the authors for bringing the Eighth Space Congress Papers Sessions to fruition.

Program schedule

Session 1 - Advanced Space Programs
Session 2 - Computer Applications
Session 3 - Meteorology
Session 4 - Cryogenics In Industry
Session 5 - Oceanography
No papers published for Session-5 at the time of print.
Session 6 - Simulation And Synthesis
Session 7 - Mechanical Systems
Session 8 - Space Logistics
Session 9 - Launch Vehicles, Expendable And Reusable
No papers published for Session-9 at the time of print.
Session 10 - Space Communications -Tools And Trends
Session 11 - Launch Facilities And Operations
Session 12 - Management, Education Communications, And Economic Problems And Solutions
No papers published for Session-12 at the time of print.
Session 13 - Maintainability And Reliability
Session 14 - Transportation
Session 15 - Navigation Satellites
No papers published for Session-15 at the time of print.
Session 16 - Fluidics