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Thursday, April 1st
8:00 AM

Orbital Cargo Transfer Simulation

Gary P. Beasley, Aero-Space Technologist, NASA Langley Research Center
H. Loats, Scientist, Environmental Research Associates
G. S. Mattingly, Scientist, Environmental Research Associates

8:00 AM

Spacecraft Housekeeping and Its Relationships to Logistics

Peter H. Needham, Manager, Advanced Programs, Manned Space Systems, Fairchild Killer, Republic Aviation Division

8:00 AM

Study of Orbital Maintenance Concepts

E. Wescombe, Supervisor, Advanced Programs Support, North American Rockwell Corporation

8:00 AM

System Engineering Approach to Development of an End-to-End Space Cargo Handling System

L. M. Lively, Branch Chief, Special Assignments, Douglas Aircraft Company
Norman B. Helmes, Branch Manager, Cargo System Requirements Analysis, Douglas Aircraft Company

8:00 AM