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Sunday, April 1st
8:00 AM

Artificial Reefs and Coastal Fishery Resources

Richard B. Stone, National Marine Fisheries Service, Atlantic Estuarine Fisheries Center, Beaufort, North Carolina 28516

8:00 AM

Evaluation of an Artificial Estuarine Habitat -Initial Stage

Premsukh Poonai, Professor of Biology, Betbune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida

8:00 AM

Florida's State Marine Research Moves into the Space Age

Edwin A. Joyce, Bureau of Marine Science & Technology, Division of Marine Resources, Florida Department of Natural Resources, Tallahassee, Florida

8:00 AM

Local Applications of an Environmental Buoy at Cape Kennedy

Richard R. Kaeser, Weather Wing, Air Weather Service

8:00 AM

Manned Earth Observatory

R. B. Gerding
G. F. Johnson
D. K. Weidner

8:00 AM