As we set out to prepare for the Eleventh Space Congress, one of our first steps was to modify the traditional theme, "Technology Today and Tomorrow." Since this Space Congress is largely concerned with the many benefits which have accrued from recent space achievements, we developed the new theme, "Technology Today For Tomorrow"; aiming to translate and relate achievements of the recent past into a better life for tomorrow.

In line with the new theme there are paper sessions on such related subjects as space benefits, Sky lab payoffs, and earth resources projects; all looking to solve mankind T s earthly problems through the space effort.

From this abundance of material the Eleventh Space Congress Technical Papers Committee has assembled an excellent volume of invited papers. These resultant proceedings should prove a valuable asset to your technical library.

I would like to thank the Technical Papers Committee, the Session Chairmen and Organizers, the Publishers, and particularly the Authors, for bringing the Eleventh Space Congress Paper Sessions to such a successful conclusion.

Program schedule

Session 1 - Evaluating Skylab Payoffs
Session 2 - Benefits of Space Exploration
Session 3 - Earth Resources Program
Session 4 - Planetary Exploration
Session 5 - Meteorology
Session 6 - Space Shuttle
Session 7 - Foreign Technology
Session 8 - Marine Sciences