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Saturday, April 1st
8:00 AM

Department of Defense Technology Transfer -Civilian Uses of Military Know-How

Gerald E. Miller

8:00 AM

Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer -A National Resource

George F. Linsteadt, Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, California

8:00 AM

Observations on Short-Term and Long-Range Plans for Technology Transfer to State and Local Governments

James M. Wyckoff, Liaison Officer, State and Local Governmental Affairs, National Bureau of Standards

8:00 AM

Technology Transfer and the Coast Guard R&D Center

Michael J. D'Angelo, Assistant Director, Administration and Services Division

8:00 AM

Technology Transfer at the Department of Energy Laboratories -Selected Case Studies from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

David W. Dorn, Program Manager, Technology Applications Group, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

8:00 AM