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Sunday, April 1st
8:00 AM

KSC Facilities Status and Planned Management Operations

Robert H. Gray, Manager Space Transportation System Projects Office, John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA
Thomas J. O'Malley, Vice President & General Manager, Space Division - Launch Operations, Rockwell International Corporation, John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida

8:00 AM

Shuttle Integration Status

Owen G. Morris, Manager for Systems Integration, NASA-Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
Albert C. Martin, Chief Engineer, STS Integration and Operations Division, Rockwell International, Downey, CA

8:00 AM

Space Shuttle Orbital Flight Test

Donald K. Slayton, Manager for Orbital Flight Test, NASA/Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

8:00 AM

Space Shuttle Orbiter: Countdown

Aaron Cohen, Manager, Or biter Project, NASA/Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
Edward P. Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Shuttle Orbit er Division, Space Systems Group, Rockwell International, Downey, Cali fornia

8:00 AM

Status of Space Shuttle External Tank, Solid Rocket Booster, and Main Engine

Robert E. Lindstrom, Manager, Shuttle Projects Office, Marshal I Space Fl ight Center

8:00 AM