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Thursday, April 1st
8:00 AM

Future Military Spacecraft Power Systems

Robert R. Barthelemy, Energy Conversion, Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories

8:00 AM

Future Plans for Spacelab and Retrievable Carrier

Robert L. Mory, Long-Term Programme Office, Directorate of Space Transportation Systems, European Space Agency, Paris/France

8:00 AM

NASA's Future Plans

Author Not Available

8:00 AM

Space Platform

Larry P. Morata, McDonnel Douglas, Astronautics Company, Huntington Beach, California
Marshall W. Novick, TRW Space and Technology Group, Redondo Beach, California

8:00 AM

Space Platform Solar Array-A Progress Report

Martin Gerbasi, Space Platform, Solar Array Program Manager, Lockheed Missiles & Space
Paul Goldsmith, Solar Array Technology, TRW Space & Technology Group

8:00 AM

The Fourth Energy Era

Ralph H. Nansen, Preliminary Design, NASA/ Civil Space Programs, Boeing Aerospace Company

8:00 AM