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Wednesday, April 1st
7:52 AM

Large Flexible Solar Arrays

I. V. Franklin, British Aerospace PLC. Space + Communications Division, Bristol Site

7:52 AM

8:00 AM

Advanced Tethered Application and Related Technologies

E. Vallerani
G. Viriglio
F. Bevilacqua

8:00 AM

Common DMS Technology For European In-Orbit Infrastructure

P. Jourdan, Manager of Space Transportation and Manned Systems Programs, MATRA.

8:00 AM

ERM, The Deployable Mast For Columbus

Hermann Rieger, Dornier System GmbH~ Friedrichshafen, Germany

8:00 AM

Future European Ground Segment

R. Grun, MBB/ERNO, Bremen
H. Michaelis, MBB/ERNO, BREMEN

8:00 AM

RDV Technology for Future European Space Missions

I. Widjaja, MBB/ERNO, Bremen
J. Sommer, MBB/ERNO, Bremen

8:00 AM