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Wednesday, April 1st
8:00 AM

An Overview of Computer Graphics Industry Standards.

Geraldine R. Cuthbert, Manager, Advanced Programs Software Technology, Inc.

8:00 AM

Building Intelligent Systems: Artificial Intelligence Research at NASA Ames Research Center

Peter Friedland, Intelligent Systems Technology Division NASA Ames Research Center
Henry Lum, Intelligent Systems Technology Division NASA Ames Research Center

8:00 AM

Open System Interconnection (OIS): NASA Program Communications of the Future

Charles D. Brady, Manager Information Systems Information Resources Management Division NASA-Headquarters

8:00 AM

Regaining Space Leadership Through Control of Life Cycle Costs

David J. Lowry, Boeing Aerospace Co.
Thomas A. Feaster, NASA, KSC Future Projects Office

8:00 AM

Space Transportation System Meteorological Expert

Arthur E. Beller, Lead Engineer Planning, Scheduling, and Information Applications Artificial Intelligence Applications Office John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA
Sue P. Stafford, Reasoning and Knowledge Modeling Unit Artificial Intelligence Center
Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, MA

8:00 AM

The Use of Transputers in Processing Telemetry Data

Hugo M. Delgado, Electronic Engineer Engineering Development Directorate NASA, John F. Kennedy Space Center Florida

8:00 AM