Session 6

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Friday, April 1st
8:00 AM

Ada and Knowledge-Based Systems: A Prototype Combining the Best of Both Worlds

David C. Brauer
Patrick P. Roach
Michael S. Frank
Richard P. Knackstedt

8:00 AM

Design Knowledge Capture: Preserving Engineering Knowledge For Future Applications

R. B. Purves, Boeing Aerospace Company PO Box 1470, MS JA-68
James R. Carnes, Boeing AI Center PO Box 1470, MS JA-65 Huntsville, AL 35807

8:00 AM

Expert System Prototype Developments For Nasa-KSC Business And Engineering Applications

James M. Ragusa, Associate Professor, College of Business, University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida
Avelino J. Gonzalez, Associate Professor, College of Engineering, University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida

8:00 AM

Ground Based Operations Support By Artificial Intelligence

Rainer Grun, Manager, Head of System Development MBB/ERNO, 'Bremen West Germany
Albrecht Kellner, Manager, Computer Science Basic Research MBB/ERNO, Bremen West Germany

8:00 AM

LRS-II: A Specialized Knowledge System For Launch Resource Scheduling

James E. Crawford, Foreign Technology Division Space Systems Division Wright-Patterson AFB , Ohio
Gregory S. Parnell, Air Force Institute of Technology Department of Operational Sciences Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

8:00 AM

NAVARES: A Prototype Expert System For NAVASTAR Anomoly Resolution

Michael A. Rampino, USAF Electronic Security Command San Antonio, TX 78243
Gregory S. Parnell, USAF Department of Operational Sciences School of Engineering Air Force Institute of Technology WPAFB, OH 45433

8:00 AM