The Thirty-Fourth Space Congress continues a tradition of being nationally recognized as the oldest continuous
space related symposium on record. This year’s program is based on the theme, “Our Space Future - Uniting For
Success.” In a shift from previous formats in the character and composition of both the panel and the paper
sessions, we will examine how cooperation and synergy have enabled success in space related endeavors and
the steps needed to sustain that success. A distinguished set of speakers and panelists will share the latest
information on initiatives throughout the space program and provide exciting insights into the challenges of our
The objective of this Space Congress is to demonstrate how unity and cooperation have led to technological
triumphs in the demanding realm of space and to examine ways that can lead to success for the future. Rather than
having the panel and paper sessions on a particular day constrained to the scientific, commercial, and military
sectors of the space program, we have opted instead to seek panel members from those three sectors as well as
the educational arena in creating an amalgam to deal with the topics. Another key change this year will be the
presentation of supporting papers in each of the four areas of scientific, commercial, military, and education each
afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This will allow attendees with diversified interests to maximize
their opportunities for participation throughout Space Congress paper sessions.
We will retain the five major panel session format for the Thirty-Fourth Space Congress. The first panel session
of the Congress will take a retrospective view of Space Successes and Failures which have contributed to the
present status of space programs around the world. In addition to dealing with launch and on-orbit operations, the
panel will address issues such as corporate restructuring, major process/technology initiatives, and trends in
international activities. The main thrust will be to review what we can learn from the past about space programs
of today. The second panel’s theme of Uniting for Success will provide a relevant snapshot of cooperative
approaches which will benefit the space program. This panel will discuss the synergy of partnering efforts in the
space industry. The Congress’ third major panel will explore Our Space Future and examine spacecraft, launch
systems, technology, and business practices for successful programs as they evolve in the future. This will extend
beyond the first generation space station and interplanetary efforts currently programmed. Wrapping up the
morning major panel series, A New Beginning will be a roundtable discussion on the roadmap necessary to attain
the objectives identified from the previous morning panels of the Thirty-Fourth Space Congress. Returning this year
are the very popular Science Fair with expanded participation opportunities and the Thursday evening Meet the
Astronauts panel session which affords the public a chance to directly interact with these space voyagers —
something our younger attendees have repeatedly found to be their own highlight of the week’s activities. Also open
to the public will be the exhibit halls, featuring extensive displays from major aerospace companies showcasing their
latest developments. An added feature this year is the showcase exhibit of plans and models, put together by area
school students, which provides a unique approach to exploring the planet Mars.
The Space Congress is sponsored by the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS) and supported
strongly by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Department of Defense (DOD). In
addition, the surrounding communities, aerospace contractors, and local volunteers are instrumental in putting
together this most informative symposium and helping Space Congress maintain its well deserved reputation as
the premier conference on space related issues. I take great pride, along with this year’s committee, in welcoming
you to the Thirty-Fourth Space Congress.

Program schedule

Tuesday, April 29
Wednesday, April 30
Thursday, May 1
Friday, May 2