“Space Means Business in the 21st Century” has been coined to draw attention to the evolution that
is taking space business from pure science and engineering to commercialization and privatization. To
enterprises that means returns on investments. We are in a year-long celebration of the 50th
Anniversary of the first rocket launch from Cape Canaveral (Bumper 8,Complex 3, July 24, 1950). As
we go forward, it is always good to review history: where we are, and where we are going, toward
fulfillment of dreams and aspirations that will be shared and displayed at the 37th Space Congress.

United Space Alliance is pleased to participate in this new millennium event, and is stepping up to
its commitment to be at the forefront of commercialization and privatization, which is consistent
with the Space Congress theme: “Space Means Business in the 21st Century”.

In fact, United Space Alliance is synonymous with commercialization and privatization, as it
reflects NASA’s commitment to transfer accountability for the Shuttle program to commercial usage,
with the possible eventuality of facilitating privatization. This would allow NASA to continue to
develop and propagate research and development, with United Space Alliance offering the human-rated
Shuttle to the world as the most reliable space transportation system.

The topics to be addressed at the Space Congress come face-to-face with the issues of doing
business in space, for example: “50 Years of Space Exploration” - A Historical Perspective (Setting
the Stage for the 21st Century); “Rocketry & Space Exploration - A Historical Perspective”;
“Current Global Activities”; “Strategic Roadmap - Where We Think We are Going”; and “Wall Street
Looks at Aerospace”.

The Space Congress was inaugurated by the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies and its
distinguished history has attracted a diverse, high level group of attendees from around the world.
We are proud of the volunteers who make this Congress possible, and of the astronauts, who light up
the imaginations of the children who are involved in the Space Congress Science Fair.
On behalf of the entire Space Congress Committee, I welcome you to the 37th Space Congress.

Program schedule

Tuesday, May 2
Wednesday, May 3
Thursday, May 4
Friday, May 5