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Zheng Tao is a Senior Multi-Discipline Systems Engineer at The MITRE Corporation and is actively involved in several projects focused on integrating commercial space operations into the NAS in support of the FAA. He is also the principal investigator of MITRE funded research project to evaluate the safety of new separation concepts and standards for commercial space operations.

Zheng has extensive aviation industry experience across a broad range of ATM functions and diverse industry segments. In addition to integrating commercial space transportation, his work areas include developing ATM roadmaps, advancing ATM in the Asia-Pacific region, prioritizing complex operational problems and solutions, arrival/departure concepts and capabilities, ATM automation systems, and ATC surveillance systems.

Prior to working at MITRE, Zheng worked in the Commercial Space Transportation industry at Bigelow Aerospace designing design inflatable space habitats. He holds master’s degrees in both Systems Engineering and Electrical/Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins University respectively.

Zheng enjoys travelling; staying up to date about technology, business, and news; and spending time with his wife and infant son.