Tom Kubancik


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Tom is the Vice President of Advanced Programs at Applied Defense Solutions (ADS).

Tom’s entire career has been focused on advanced technology with over 30 years in Space Systems, High Performance Computing, and Microelectronics. With a background in Operations Management, Tom has enjoyed broad success when pioneering companies in rapidly evolving markets and shaping today’s high technology landscape.

Tom is a recognized international expert in Space Situational Awareness (SSA), participating in research, development, and deployment programs since the 1980’s. At Applied Defense Solutions (ADS), Tom has led the transition away from military-only SSA, establishing a broad portfolio of research and development, commercialization, and operational support programs. ADS is a recognized leader in civilian, commercial, and government space exploration, focusing on all phases from mission analysis, operations support, and space protection. Leading the ADS Advanced Programs’ team, Tom coordinates a highly talented group of technical experts working alongside program managers, operational experts, and capture professionals. Their focus is to create and develop opportunities for ADS to apply its innovations and expertise to the most challenging space systems development tasks. His team harnesses a company-wide passion for problem-solving by leveraging a world class research portfolio with exquisite analytical capabilities and deep operational experience. ADS has constructed the most interesting mission portfolio in the industry as Tom and his team love their role in defining the next generation of safe space operations.

Tom is an active participant in NATO Science and Technology panels and activities leading to better understanding of global approaches for effective coalition and collaborative SSA. Tom is a published author on global SSA and is a frequent speaker at domestic and international conferences.

Tom has a wealth of experience with leadership positions. He is a graduate of Bowling Green University. Tom and his family live in Boulder, Colorado.