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The Commercial Space Operations/Spaceflight Operations Program and Applied Aviation Sciences Department of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s College of Aviation, are pleased to announce the 4th Annual Space Traffic Management Conference “Seeking Sustainable Solutions”. The conference will be held in Daytona Beach, Florida 15 - 19 January 2018 at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach campus.

As in years past, we will continue to build upon our previous conference work.

The roundtables and poster session we introduced last year were successful and we will continue to include these formats this year again, along with more traditional presentations of research and papers.

To this end, we invite your papers of 4,500 to 6,000 words. Abstracts may be up to 250 words and must indicate the precise title of the paper, the area of interest, the author’s full name and affiliation, and complete contact information including an email address. The language of the conference is English. Please send abstracts to: Diane Howard at The subject of the email and the attached abstract filename must both be titled STM 2016 LAST NAME.

Event timetable:

Abstract deadline                              15 September 2017
Abstract decisions                             15 October 2017
Deadline for paper submission        30 November 2017
Deadline for presentations               30 December 2017
Conference                                        15 – 19 January 2018

Earlybird registration                       15 August – 25 October 2017                                  

We continue to encourage papers encompassing the STM topics listed below. We would like to emphasize our interest in research, papers, and panel participation examining the impact of small sat constellations and high altitude balloon operators; data collection and sharing; and all aspects of risk. Legal and policy perspectives regarding any topic are welcome.

We have been asked to include a gaming or scenario-based planning simulation in addition to the roundtables, research panels, and poster session. If you are interested in this idea, please reach out to Dr. Diane Howard for further discussion.

  1. Range Management
  • Commercial, Civil, and Military Range Safety Continuity
  • Security issues including cyber
  • Range Technology Modernization
  1. NAS Integration
  • High Altitude Balloon impact upon the NAS
  • Impacts of Microsatellites upon the NAS
  • Integration of Air Traffic and Space Traffic Control Systems
  • Communication Standards for Space Traffic
  1. Space Situational Awareness
  • Small satellite company maneuver recommendations
  • More on debris remediation, mitigation, and SSA technologies
  • NASA Space Mission planning – future needs to help commercial industry designs
  • More about data, data, data
  • Managing space catalog (18th SPCS, AGI); orbital conjunctions (AGI, 18th); operational impacts; regulation
  • Public benefits of deploying space assets
  • Spaceflight Emergency and Contingency Planning
  • Impacts upon spectrum management
  • International initiatives
  1. Weather impacts: Meteorology and Space Weather
  • Space Weather Effects and Prognosis
  • Launch and Space Flight Meteorology
  • Space Wx forecasting
  1. Related Issues
  • Role of human factors in STM
  • Industry’s role
  • Industry requirements
  • International initiates and concerns

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