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Daytona Beach

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Robert E. Joslin, Ph.D.


Automated and unmanned systems are rapidly revolutionizing every aspect of military, commercial, and public use operations in the United States. While this technology serves effectively in dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks, the rapid introduction of unmanned technologies into society has generated intense debate about their ethical, moral, and legal use. Specifically, the rise in the development and application of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has created significant public discord. As public acceptance of UAS plays a major role in the regulatory decisions that allow for expanded use in commercial and public use applications, it is critically important to understand the complexities involved in the public acceptance of UAS. A meta-analysis of archival data was conducted to identify a possible relationship between UAS intended missions and their acceptability within the public. Compiled survey research indicated that search and rescue (SAR) applications are the most publicly accepted intended missions. Additionally, a chi-square test of independence found evidence of a relationship between intended mission and public acceptance, with commercial and non-law enforcement public use having the highest levels of public acceptance. Recommendations include increasing the public’s knowledge and awareness of UAS through an iPhone Operating System (IOS) device application, and removing “drone” from future survey terminology.

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Daytona Beach, FL