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Ed Coleman


Few studies have been conducted that have truly considered the relevance and inadequacies of applicable aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) regulations. Fewer still have studied and explored accident cases that directly exemplify the deficiencies and inconsistencies of various regulatory standards and requirements. This study seeks to expose and explain those inadequacies by utilizing a historical, case-study type research method to examine accident cases during which time the governing regulations played a significant role in the ARFF operations. The findings discovered as a result of this multi-case analysis provide evidence that the current regulations governing United States ARFF operations are both outdated and inadequate. Results indicated that major regulatory issues primarily involve incomplete or inaccurate documentation, inadequate training, minimum staffing, and minimum equipment. Cross-case analysis suggests that the accident victims would be most at risk at airports that are not as fully equipped and staffed as those examined in this study. Continued research on this topic must be pursued in order to recommend specific changes to modernize ARFF regulations.

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