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Dr. Peter O'Reilly


The key recommendation from this study is to purpose the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Authority evaluation over the implementation of a new voluntary and non-punitive safety reporting program, with a different scope from the current one. The voluntary self-reporting programs in place in the USA, Europe and Australia should be used as a regulatory reference and the program development and implementation should be executed in close coordination with the different industry stakeholders.

To access if the current Brazilian State Safety reporting system meets ICAO requirements, the researchers accessed pertinent aviation safety regulatory legislation. Additionally, to access if the current Brazilian State Safety reporting system is effective, the researchers surveyed 488 airline pilots operating under RBAC 121 and interviewed the other two stakeholders involved, the safety managers of both ANAC and Brazilian Airlines.

The data found conclude that airline pilots have a culture of self-reporting and the stakeholders interviewed understand that Brazil has a reporting system with the opportunity for further development of some extremely important features to make it more effective and raise its level of contribution to flight safety.

Finally, the researchers recommend that there be an update to the current Brazilian Aviation Authorities voluntary reporting system, in a way that the National CAA be assured to access all the content of each report, but only after the dissemination of the concepts of Just Culture across ANAC and Brazilian Civil Aviation. This update must be created and maintained by system stakeholders focusing on improving the Brazilian Operational Safety Program (PSO- BR).

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Sao Paolo, Brazil

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This Capstone Project was prepared and approved under the direction of the Group’s Capstone Project Chair, Dr. Peter O ́Reilly It was submitted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Aviation Management Certificate Program