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Eric Perrell


Project Atlas is a mobile, trailer-mounted, rocket engine test stand developed by Experimental Rocket Propulsion Lab (ERPL) at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach, Florida campus. The integrated test stand and automated data-acquisition and control system supports ERPL’s multitude of engine research projects, including bipropellant liquid and hybrid rocket engines. The need for an integrated universal mobile test stand stems from the inability to conduct frequent test fires on campus due to Class-3 airspace and liability issues. The test stand is designed as a horizontal thrust structure utilizing a dual flame duct to redirect and cancel reaction forces acting upon the test stand. This duct minimizes the required anchoring strength and allows for friction-based anchoring systems. Forward of the blast shield and engine mount, there is an instrumentation system to measure thrust, temperature, and pressure inside the combustion chamber of the engine as well as the pressures and temperatures of the propellant feed system. The test stand’s data acquisition system is directly interfaced with the test stand’s on-board computer and control system, which executes automated test sequences. The Atlas mobile test stand enables further rocket engine design and evaluation, significantly helping to advance the university’s propulsion development capabilities.

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San Diego, California