This page features some of the many historical and current Eagles that have served in the United States military. We are very proud of their service and their commitment to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

You may click on the name to bring up more information about the Eagle Veteran.

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Eagle Veterans

Current Veteran: Ayers, Frank

Frank Ayers

Current Veteran: Cooks, Teha

Teha Cooks

Current Veteran: Cutrer, Daniel A.

Daniel A. Cutrer

Current Veteran: Dallas, Andrew

Andrew Dallas

Current Veteran: Lahneman, William J.

William J. Lahneman

Current Veteran: Lee, Charles

Charles Lee

Current Veteran: Macchiarella, Dan

Dan Macchiarella

Current Veteran: Macchiarella, Sue

Sue Macchiarella

Current Veteran: Owen, Robert C.

Robert C. Owen

Current Veteran: Williams, Mike

Mike Williams

Current Veteran: Wolfe, Chip

Chip Wolfe

Current Veteran: Zorri, Diane M.

Diane M. Zorri

Historical Veteran: Dowd, Marguerite & Graham, Nancy

Marguerite Dowd
Nancy Graham

Historical Veteran: Hunt, Jack R.

Jack R. Hunt

Historical Veteran: Reinhart, Albert J.

Albert J. Reinhart

Historical Veteran: Spruance, William W.

William W. Spruance