College of Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences


The Embry-Riddle Worldwide College of Arts & Sciences develops and supports career-ready graduates and advances all students to be lifelong learners and leaders in their professional disciplines.

Through the general education program, the college emphasizes academic rigor in critical thinking, global perspectives, creative problem solving, communication skills, scientific and cultural literacy, as well as ethical interaction with the contemporary world. In its academic degree programs, the college focuses on applied studies that implement state of the art curriculum to educate students for long-term success in their profession.

The college conducts basic, applied, and translational research and engages in creative work; it provides mentored research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. In doing so, it fosters unique and innovative disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary research, approaches, and applications to STEM, social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and comprehensive civil security studies that have societal impact.

Our vision is to be a destination college for multidisciplinary studies and impactful collaborative research as well as continue to be a national leader in general education, developing opportunities for our diverse student population to fulfill their educational goals and become responsive, responsible global citizens.

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