Business Administration - Worldwide

The demand for skilled professionals continues to grow in response to the increasing need for leaders who can manage the efficient and effective use of scarce resources; operate in an atmosphere of heightened national and international competition; and respond to the call to preserve our world’s fragile ecosystem.

Competition for good jobs continues to increase: Students who complete undergraduate and/or graduate degree programs in the Department of Business Administration acquire the knowledge and skills to gain an edge over other job seekers.

If you are looking to earn a business degree and acquire specialized knowledge to take your career to new heights, the Department of Business Administration offers the programs for you.

The department provides students with the academic foundation many employers seek in their management personnel and leaders. The programs are designed to emphasize the application of modern management concepts, methods, and tools to the challenges of aviation and business. The programs will enhance the student's analytic and communication skills, providing for knowledge and abilities that will have immediate applicability in the workplace.

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Submissions from 2019


Accounting Education in Greece During the GFC (2009-2016), Dimitrios V. Siskos

Submissions from 2018


Are the Recent Restatements of Financial Institutions 10K’s due to the Perceived Earning Volatility Caused by SFAS 161?, Veliota Drakopoulou


How to Reduce the Tax Bill of a Multinational Technology Company?, Dimitrios V. Siskos


Project Financial Distress: Early Signs and Ways to Overcome, Dimitrios V. Siskos


Thinking Finance - The Comic Book, Dimitrios V. Siskos

Submissions from 2015


Bank Holding Companies’ Accounting Versus Economic Hedging Activities in the SFAS 133 Framework, Veliota Drakopoulou

Submissions from 2014


Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities, Veliota Drakopoulou

Submissions from 2005


Integration of the SHEL Model with the Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) Program, James T. Schultz, Scott Forn, and Marian C. Schultz

Submissions from 2004


Are Four-Year Universities Better Than Two-Year Colleges at Preparing Students to Pass the FAA Aircraft Mechanic Certification Written Examinations?, Jeffrey Bruce Summey, Marian C. Schultz, and James T. Schultz

Submissions from 1994


Eastern Airlines: The Rise and Fall of "The Wings of Man", Benjamin H. Troemel Jr., James T. Schultz, and Marian C. Schultz

Submissions from 1990


Corporate Strategy in Crisis Management: Johnson & Johnson and Tylenol, Marian C. Schultz and James T. Schultz