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Summer 2011


"This study sought to evaluate the statistical power of aviation research published in four prominent peer-reviewed journals (Collegiate Aviation Review, Journal of Air Transportation Worldwide, Journal of Aviation/Aerospace education and Research, and International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies). Further, this study investigated whether power was mentioned or calculated as well as if articles included details on effect size(s). The study yielded 128 articles that included statistical testing and provided enough information to calculate power. From these articles a total of 1,692 statistical tests were analyzed. The average power of these tests was .277 considering a small effect size, .685 when considering a medium effect size, and .874 when assuming a large effect size. Considering that a medium effect size is generally utilized when there is no research-based reason to use an alternative level and that the accepted minimum power value is .80, aviation research appears to be underpowered. Also, only 5.6% of articles conducted an a priori power analysis whilst 11.9% mentioned power. Among studies that included statistical testing, only 4.2 % calculated effect size. Thus aviation research commonly fails to provide critical research data. Guidance on ways researchers can improve power and/or reduce sample size requirements are provided. Suggestions for future research and policies are also provided."--from the article

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International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies


Federal Aviation Administration


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