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Fall 2010


"The purpose of this research was to examine syllabi collected from four-year, University Aviation Association (UAA) member schools that offer Title 14 of the CFR Part 141 approved instrument pilot instruction through content analysis. These documents were examined for elements deemed essential by the research literature. This investigation sought to identify the inclusion of course descriptions, learning objectives, the coverage of topics required by regulation, the textbooks and other materials used, course assignments, evaluative tools (e.g. tests, quizzes, papers), instructional methods utilized, statements concerning class policies, and statements of academic integrity. Also, this study sought to determine if instrument pilot courses included contemporary issues, namely global position system navigation, and how this subject is conveyed to students. Instrument pilot course syllabi were found to vary widely on the inclusion of critical elements. Only 28.1% incorporated all of the recommended items. Few (15.6%) syllabi complied with Part 141 regulatory requirements for subject/objective coverage. The majority of syllabi (71.9%) included GPS instruction however the coverage of the material was very limited."--from the article

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Collegiate Aviation Review


University Aviation Association