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Fall 2009


"The purpose of this study was to identify the pathways professional pilot program faculty take to reach their positions. Data were collected through a survey that was distributed via the internet using Survey Monkey. Pathways were defined by investigations into the occupational and educational histories of the faculty. Also, demographic attributes of the faculty were collected to create a comprehensive picture of the faculty. Statistical analysis of the survey data was conducted using SPSS Graduate Pack software. The findings of the study indicate that professional pilot faculty take a range of occupational and educational pathways to reach their positions in aviation higher education. Two primary pathways were identified: the military and the non-military (civilian). Each of these sub-groups had unique attributes and distinctive career paths. Although faculty take two primary, separate paths to the professoriate, all faculty reach their current position with similar levels of academic and flight credentials as well as length of industry experience. Aviation faculty of all types were found to have significant academic and industry qualifications and certifications. In addition, these individuals had extensive aviation experience.

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Collegiate Aviation Review


University Aviation Association