The Department of Mathematics & Physical and Life Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences oversees undergraduate mathematics, computer science, statistics, physics, biology, environmental science, astronomy, chemistry, and weather courses required by all three colleges.

Additionally, the department is responsible for the basic undergraduate research course that supports Embry-Riddle’s IGNITE initiative. It also administers the placement exam that assesses the mathematics competency of incoming students.

The department’s dedicated faculty members have wide-ranging experience not just in education, but also in professional applications in the areas they teach.


Submissions from 2018


Propeller Design Requirements for Quadcopters Utilizing Variable Pitch Propellers, Ian R. McAndrew, Elena Navarro, and Ken Witcher

Submissions from 2017


Increasing Student Interactions With Learning Objectives, Emily Kaye Faulconer


Twin-Wing Design Options Used for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Achieve High Altitudes at Low Speeds, Ian R. McAndrew, Elena Vishnevskaya, and Andrew Carruthers


Multi-Choice Questions and Their Problems When Used for Assessment of Aircraft Engineers Education, Ian R. McAndrew, Ken L. Witcher, Elena Navarro, and Peter Foreman

Submissions from 2016


Glide Effects on Low Speed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Ice Formation, I. McAndrew, K. Witcher, and E. Navarro

Submissions from 2014


Low Speed Re-Fuelling of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using the Drogue System, Ian R. McAndrew and Elena Navarro