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Somi Shin

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RSCH 202

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There are many possible factors that cause individuals to commit infidelity in modern society. Since the studies that have measured the significance of the factors causing the act of infidelity are scarce, our study aims to investigate the potential causes of infidelity and measure the significance of the causes. Through our research, we have identified that COVID-19, social networking platforms, social status and income level, access to pornography, ethnicity, marital status, and sexual orientation are possible factors of infidelity acts. We have created an anonymous survey to investigate the causes, which will be measured by regression analysis. We plan to distribute the survey worldwide via a link and marriage counseling services. Our sample size will be 0.01% of the country’s population and participation will be made voluntary. The results of the analysis will show which factors are likely to cause infidelity. As infidelity carries undesirable consequences, this proposal aims to spread awareness on infidelity and assist people struggling with the issue.