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Somi Shin

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Intro to Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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Project Abstract

Many are approaching vegetarianism as a viable diet option in recent years, presuming that adopting a vegetarian diet would provide health benefits. This paper explores the possibilities of physical and mental effects that vegetarianism may have on humans and its extent by the use of regression analysis. To measure the possible impacts vegetarian diets may hold on both the physiology and physical aspects of humans, we have utilized the measures of life expectancy and prevalence of depression respectively. Cross-sectional data were examined from sources such as the World Health Organization, Our World In Data and the World Bank, with figures on vegetarian adoption rates to be made available on Statista. Current studies on mental health impacts are inconclusive, and many relied on survey data to produce findings. The utilization of cross-sectional data on a macro basis would allow our study to account for regional differences whilst providing an objective result. This study aims to raise awareness of the positive and negative impacts of a vegetarian diet, to assist people to make informed decisions. This would be essential as plant-based diets have been receiving more attention in the media.