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Dr. Somi Shin

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Introduction to Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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Project Abstract

This study discusses the COVID-19 vaccination program in Singapore including the policies implemented by the government and how its residents react to these actions. We aim to determine the impact of the perception of government policies, personal beliefs, and awareness of vaccine efficacy rates on the willingness to take vaccination, the source of COVID-19 information, holding demographic variables such as age and gender constant. Surveys will be conducted for Singapore residents eligible for the vaccine, consisting of two groups of strata: vaccinated and unvaccinated. The use of statistics and regression analysis for the data collected would help the research to conclude on the relationships between the factors and vaccination willingness. Our preliminary survey, consisting of 19 responses, suggests that information from informal channels such as messaging applications, notably Whatsapp and Telegram, negatively affects their vaccination willingness, but no relationship was identified between the respondents' perception of the government policies and their willingness to take vaccination. The statistically insignificant results may be due to the small number of respondents suggesting the need for further studies. This study will help identify key factors that encourage or deter peoples’ decision to take vaccination. As a result, we hope to provide insights for future studies and policymakers on how to promote protection policies in times of outbreaks and pandemics.