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Dr Somi Shin

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Introduction to Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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Project Abstract

Due to quarantine measures, the impact of COVID-19 on youths' mental health may be more significant than on their physical health. This study aims to map out the positive and negative implications that COVID-19 brings concerning mental health. The main dependent variable of our study will be the evaluated mental health of Singaporean youths. Based on previous research and articles, we have chosen the difference in education level as our key independent variable and social isolation, lack of physical activity, family conflicts, and family emotional support as the control variables. Our study will be conducted through a survey on Singapore's primary and secondary school students by multi-stage cluster sampling and stratified sampling. The cross-sectional data collected will be sorted and analyzed through t-test, chi-square test, and regression analysis. The findings of this study can help schools and governments in their development and implementation of policies to improve our youths’ mental health which has become an important issue in recent times. The survey data will aid us in better understanding the pandemic's effects on Singaporean youths' mental health, especially since the pandemic has been continuing longer than most expected.