Associate Professor, College of Aviation: Robert Deters 
Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences: Emily K. Faulconer
Associate Professor, College of Aviation: Brent A. Terwilliger

As part of the Research Scholars Program, a series of synchronous online workshops were developed to introduce students to various aspects of research, from initial development to end dissemination and networking. The workshops are intended to help connect students just starting on their research journey with important topics, personal observations and perspectives, and guidance regarding how to use the experience to advance an academic or professional career. They represent one of the most instrumental student engagement practices in the Research Scholars program. Each workshop was organized and hosted by the authors, with guest speakers invited to share their unique expertise; they have been made available to all ERAU Worldwide students, with recordings provided for later review; and each included an open discussion area for students to ask questions at any time.

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