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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3 (2016)



Impact of a Reverse Delta Type Add-on Device on the Flap-tip Vortex of a Wing
Afaq Altaf, Tan Boon Thong, Ashraf Ali Omar, and Waqar Asrar


Measuring CRM Aptitude: Is NOTECHS a Suitable Tool for Pilot Selection?
Hans-Joachim K. Ruff-Stahl, Daniel Vogel, Nicolaus Dmoch, Alexander Krause, Andrea Strobl, Dirk Farsch, and Robert Stehr


An Examination of the Relationships between Safety Culture Perceptions and Safety Reporting Behavior among Non-Flight Collegiate Aviation Majors
Daniel Kwasi Adjekum, Julius Keller, Micah Walala, Cody Christensen, Randal J. DeMik, John P. Young, and Gary J. Northam


A Comparison of Cervical and Trunk Musculoskeletal Characteristics between Female and Male Army Helicopter Pilots
Takashi Nagai, Karen A. Keenan, John P. Abt, Timothy C. Sell, Brian W. Smalley, Michael D. Wirt, and Scott M. Lephart

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