All manuscripts should be organized as a research article containing the following sections:
• Introduction(statement of research question and review of current reach on the topic)
• Methods (including a description of any materials/equipment/processes used to investigate your question; this description should be detailed so others can replicate your research)
• Results (what did the research find)
• Discussion (what do the findings mean, limitations of present research, and any recommendations for future research)

Submission components
1. An abstract (not to exceed 250 words). You will copy and paste the abstract into a text box as part of the submission process.
2. The manuscript/paper. Manuscripts must be submitted without a title page, abstract, page numbers, or table of contents. These will be provided by the system.
3. Author biographies. Upload a separate word file which includes short biographies (not to exceed 100 words) for each author to be published with the article. Please include your year in school (e.g., senior) and your major/discipline. List the authors in order of authorship of the manuscripts.
4. Faculty Mentor Approval Sheet (signed) to be uploaded with your manuscript.
Beyond has a rolling submission process and accepts manuscripts for the next available issue throughout the academic year.
Who can submit?
Lead (first) author must be an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University undergraduate student or a recent graduate.
Style guide for references
Manuscripts should be formatted in the most recent editions of the citation style appropriate to their academic disciplines (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago).The reference/works cited list should start on a separate page.
Manuscripts should be uploaded in .doc format (Microsoft word), using 12 point, Times New Roman font and must be submitted in English.  Page margins should be 1 inch, without page numbers.  Please double space the manuscript. The manuscript has a strict 1500-6000 word count limit. References and appendices (if applicable) are not counted in the word count limit.
Peer Review
Manuscripts will be reviewed by at least one reviewer. The reviews are blind; the author’s name should NOT appear in the manuscript paper (that is, there should not be a title page). This aids the editorial board in conducting the review. You will not be told which member(s) reviewed your manuscript.

Graphs, Illustrations, and Pictures
All graphs, illustrations, and pictures must be publication-ready and should be able to be viewed regardless whether in black or white or in color.  Place all graphs, illustrations, and pictures where you would like them to be within the paper (at the end or throughout).  Re-sizing will be necessary and will be done by the editorial staff if your paper is chosen to be published.