Faculty Mentor

Erik Seedhouse


Life support is one of the most vital systems flown on manned spaceflight missions. The systems currently used are large, heavy, inefficient, and power consuming in an environment that requires nearly perfect conditions to function. Forward Osmosis (FO) is a form of filtration that uses the natural properties of water and concentration gradients to filter water without the need for any electricity. An experiment was conducted during the Embry Riddle Summer 2018 study abroad to the LUNARES research station in Piła, Poland. This experiment explored how the flow rate of water through a FO filtration system could be affected by the use of different osmotic feed solutions. The results show the differences in average flow rate and flow rate consistency. The findings could be used to improve the efficiency of the FO system which in turn could be used in future life support systems in long-term manned space exploration missions.



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