Faculty Mentor

Mihhail Berezovski


An analysis was done to find the emerging location(s) for the electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) industry. The VTOL and eVTOL industries are aiming to replace short private jet travel as helicopters will have the ability to cut out some of the driving. For instance, it can bring a client to the top of a skyscraper because heliports and vertiports can be positioned almost anywhere making them more accessible than private jets. Initially, a numerical analysis was done to see how the past could predict the future, which showed electric vehicle (eV) charging stations have been exponentially rising while heliports have been declining. This was used in the analysis when choosing the criteria to analyze. It was determined that the final recommendation for the emerging location of the eVTOL industry would use the following: 25% Flexjet data, 25% eV charging stations, 25% population density, and 25% median household income. The Flexjet flight data reflected the busiest airports for flights 30 minutes or less for departures and arrivals. The eV charging station data showed which states have the largest number of charging stations at parking lots or garages, since they can be converted to vertiports in the future. The population density and median household income showed the top 10 cities in the US for each, respectively. This led to a final score given for every state and showed New York would be the emerging location for the eVTOL industry based on the data and scoring. This led to recommendations given to OneSky for New York.



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